• Cloud Technology that Grows with You


    Utilize the tools you want when you need them.

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  • Improve Your Software


    Custom software that works with the software you already use.

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  • Engage Your Audience

    Mobile Apps

    Create a direct marketing channel for your cliental.

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  • Create an Online Identity

    Web Presence

    Make sure your reputation is solid on, and offline.

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  • Streamline Your Workflow

    Web Applications

    Accomplish more in less time with your own web app.

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Kanai is Hawaiian for "Champion". As an organization, we champion our clients' success by providing tools that support, and improve the cornerstones of their organizations.

Our Values

Customer Satisfaction

Our goal with every client is to cultivate long term relationships through respect, courtesy, hard work, and commitment to excellence. Your entire experience with KanaiTek begins with trust, and is built, and strengthened with confidence.


Awareness of changing ideas as a project moves from conceptual to tangible keeps us, and our code agile, and nimble. Your project is never so "hard coded" that it cannot adapt its behavior, presentation, or functionality to suit your business needs.


We work hard to integrate ourselves into your team, and mesh our expertise of data driven web technologies, with your industry knowledge to produce solutions that significantly increase the efficiency, productivity, and revenue of your organization.

With KanaiTek's tools at hand, organizations are empowered to improve the effectiveness of their people, efficiencies of their processes, and quality of their products and services.

Our Experience


Years of Experience

We found that all levels of an organization from IT, to the receptionist had to adjust how they performed their tasks, and fulfilled their responsibilities within the strict limits of the software the company owned. These limits forced organizations to overlook potential increases in time savings, accuracy, and coordination.


Happy Clients

"If only there were an application that..." This question no longer applies to your organization. You know what you need; you know what you want the program to do. We'll build it for you, and the costs are usually the same, or less than you would pay for "off-the-shelf" software.


Successful Projects

Our philosophy is that software can, and should mold itself to your workflows, and compliment your needs, and processes. There is no longer a dependency on a back room developer that has never done your job, or performed your task to dictate through their software how you should run your organization.

KanaiTek understands the fundamentals of data/information, and how to help identify it, and relate it to the needs of the organization.



Lisa Darco, Office Manager

"It has been an absolute pleasure working with Randy and the team at KanaiTek! Randy was so patient walking me through the endless steps required to build a website from the ground up. He anticipates problems before they become problems and has given us a website that is a vital and powerful tool for our membership. Randy is contentious and attentive, quick to respond to questions and is a fun and creative partner. We could not be happier with the work KanaiTek has done."